What is iSBEM App?

iSBEM Application (App) is a SBEM data collection tool which enables the Energy Assessor (EA)  to Collect, Save and Export SBEM data to iSBEM software. Yes, you read it correctly, it is a first of a kind tool and is expeced to change the way Non Domestic EPCs are carried out.

Using this unique, clever and innovative Export feature available in the App, the EA can not only collect the building data on Andorid device but also is virtually entering data into iSBEM. The data collected on the Andorid device can be exported as an .NCT file format (A format accepted by iSBEM). Thus, no more separate messy and often cumbersome collection of site notes on paper and then entering transferring all the data into an SBEM interface (like DesignBuilder, G-iSBEM etc). Using iSBEM, the data collection is doubled up as data entry into iSBEM. Impressed?

How does the iSBEM App work?

It really couldn’t be easier.  The assessor goes on site, collects the data (Wall/ Floor/ Roof/ Glazing etc, Zones, Envelopes, Building services well which ever data is required to ‘model’ the building accurately in iSBEM) usingiSBEM App on an Android device, this exercise is in effect data entry into iSBEM, once this is completed (fully or partially) the EA can export (online connectivity required for export only, obviously else how will it export!) the collected data in .nct file. When the Assessor chooses s/he can access iSBEM and open the exported .nct file (as any other file is usually opened in iSBEM), the EA double checks the data within the file as usual (we think most do), edits/adds data as the EA deems to be appropriate and if satisfied runs the SBEM calculations, voila generate EPC or (Part L, Section 6) Compliance certificates.

Please refer to the underneath self explanatory diagram,

iSBEM App process

iSBEM App process

Benefits of iSBEM App

Although iSBEM App has several unique benefits, we think the underneath are the highlights,


  1. Collect, Save, Export functions enabled with the iSBEM App lead to huge time (and costs) savings per EPC or Compliance checks. Collecting data onsite is in effect entering data into iSBEM while on-site.
  2. iSBEM users will find the App structure very very familiar as we have where possible mantained similiarity with iSBEM, this results in a EA getting familiar with the App very quickly.
  3. Building data such as Wall/Floor/Roof/ Glazing constructions can be created in Project Database, Zones, its envelopes in Geometry, Lighting, HVAC, DHW can be modelling in Project database tab.
  4. The data created and collected can be exported in a .nct file format (a file format accepted by iSBEM software) to iSBEM (v5.2 and above) such that iSBEM parameters, Project Database, Zones, Envelopes, Lighting and HVAC are populated thus avoiding double data entry which minimises errors.
  5. Thereafter the EA merely has to double check the data, make change /add data as s/he deems fit, and run calculations.
  6. While on-site the EA has constant access to latest SBEM data, thus delivering the ability to accurately determine correct Wall/Roof/Floor/Glazing etc U-values, Lighting details and HVAC Systems, DHW etc.
  7. iSBEM App can operate offline, meaning data collection and saving on Android device can all be acheived without requiring any access to internet. Only when it comes to export does it require internet.
  8. iSBEM App has potential to easily and massively improve quality of data collection in particular and of Non Domestic EPCs in general.

*Strictly speaking there could be some scenarios (plans etc) where, paper notes may still be required. Regardless, please ensure you comply with your Accreditation body requirements. Whether using iSBEM App or not, it continues to remain the assessors responsibility to ensure they follow proper guidance issued by their respective Accreditation bodies.

Benefits to iSBEM and Non iSBEM Energy Assessors

The development of iSBEM app is expected to bring in huge benefits to All EAs (whether currently using iSBEM or any other SBEM interface) Non Domestic energy assessors.

It is now well established that there are many EAs who use other (other than the free iSBEM software) SBEM interface softwares simply to avoid the data entry exercise into iSBEM. Although some suggest that the data entry into these other interfaces may be easier than iSBEM, but nevertheless it still requires data collection and thereafter data entry in this interface which is often tedious and prone to errors not to mention added annual expense of using this often expensive software.

As can be seen from the above process diagram, using iSBEM App doubles up the exercise of data collection and data entry, meaning the EA is virtually adding data into iSBEM while on site and virtually avoiding  having to enter cumbersome data into iSBEM again when back in office! As well the added (and huge for all cost consious business savy EAs) benefit of avoiding the annual charge for alternative SBEM interface, remember DCLG approved iSBEM software is still FREE.

Thus, only iSBEM App provides the true benefit of time saving and cost savings without the data entry exercise into iSBEM! We are confident that the above benefits will surely impress both the users and current non users of iSBEM software.