For ease the iSBEM App can be downloaded for a mere £XX, incl VAT (Or £XX, excl VAT) yes that’s it. No more hefty costs for software of which several of the functions are not required, so far as EPCs or Building compliance calculations are required. Just pay a small annual licence and start collectin and saving SBEM data. Export feature requires a small charge, which starts from just £xx (incl VAT).

How to pay:

For further convienience and ease of using the App, the downloading of SBEM databases (first time only) and the export feature can be acessed  using credits.This benefits the user such that they can purchase only the required amount of credits they anticipate would be required in the coming months. As well, the user has the option to purchase bundles of credits and benefit from discounted prices (up to 20% discount).

These credits can be easily and securely purchased from ‘Digi Credits‘ for further details. , please vist ‘Digi credits for details. Larger the bundle of credits cheaper does it gets.

Still need convincing? No, we thought so.