Android Devices

We have teamed up with the best in the business, we have teamed up with Amazon, to help you choose from the best tablets suitable to run iSBEM App.
Please see below, the tablets available from Amazon.

For avoidance of any doubts some may have, please note we are not selling these tablets, we are merely displaying Android tablets which are available to purchase from Amazon. Should you decide to purchase the above displayed tablets you do so on Amazon website (the links will automatically take you there). Other than credits which can only be used to purchase iSBEM App and some of its functions are sold on this website.
Needless to add, The purchase of the tablet and its sourcing remains your decision and you are free to buy from where ever you deem fit. Please also take all precaution when purchasing goods online. If you have any queries regarding the purchase of Android tablets displayed above, please contact Amazon UK or individual seller.
We or our partners under no circumstances can be held responsible for the tablets displayed above.Thank you for your understanding. We apologise for the above comments in advance.